Naturally soft focus. The colours on the horizon changing from sunrise to sunset provide the inspiration for Molina. What nature stages horizontally, is transposed vertically into this textile counterpart – with a maritime, earthy, natural or graphic colour spectrum spreading over a 320 cm width. Ivory makes for flowing transitions between the individual tones – just like the incidental light softly illuminating the semi-transparent natural woven of wool and linen.


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70% wool 30% linen

Weight 120 g/qm


Width appr. 320 cm

Rapport appr. 160/320 cm


Care z

Shrinkage appr. 1%


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Fabric must be railroaded. Fitting without seams. Thread thickening and colour variations are not flaws, but natural fibre-related. They are part of the charm of natural fibres. The manufacture of the article complies with the specifications of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Cut to size in a half repeat approx. 160 cm.

Inspiring products

  • Savo

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    Ebb and (colour) flow. Savo’s Ikat look is reminiscent of the traces the tide leaves on the beach as it goes out. The lighter part of the two-tone fabric represents the dry sand here, while the colour graduations appear as if intensified by water. A transition that corresponds to the material changeover from pale linen to coloured wool. The two deliberately clash in the middle of the 320 cm wide double-face fabric allowing decorators to individually decide on how high the ╩tide╦ in eight soft shades can rise.

  • Lovis

    0 out of 5

    Love this. Lovis brings charming “soft skills” to the table with its soft touch and supple drape. This double-face fabric made of finest wool is a real delight to the touch and creates a pleasant and cosy atmosphere, be it as a curtain, cushion or lightweight upholstery fabric. This feel is also enhanced by the fabric’s own natural properties that positively influence the indoor climate. The 10 mottled natural tones and 5 high-profile colours can be coordinated just as exquisitely with purist, minimised architecture as with a sensual retro look.

  • Fino

    0 out of 5

    Fino captivates customers with a wafer-thin woollen weave in four, finely mottled shades. Thanks to its double width this drapery fabric made of 100% pure new wool can be used for room height applications and really comes into its own as semi-transparent drapes. Fino is washable.

  • Lima

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    Semi-transparent wool with a pleasant feel. The simplicity of Lima on one hand and its quality on the other hand speaks the language of understatement. Classical wool hues and the naturalness of the material creates a contrast to an engineered world.