Semi-transparent wool with a pleasant feel. The simplicity of Lima on one hand and its quality on the other hand speaks the language of understatement. Classical wool hues and the naturalness of the material creates a contrast to an engineered world.


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100% wool

Weight 100 g/qm


Width appr. 140 cm

Rapport –


Care z

Shrinkage appr. 4%




The crash effect and the width may vary from production to production. Length variations of 2-4% are possible due to changes in temperature and humidity. The manufacture of the article complies with the specifications of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Colour 03: Pure natural product made from undyed wool. Direct exposure to light may cause colour changes. Sun protection is recommended. To avoid creases after washing, we recommend delicate wash, wool cycle.

Inspiring products

  • Pina

    0 out of 5

    Fluffy as a fun factor. Pina varies the dot theme all naturally on a semi-transparent linen background. Featuring two mini pompons each, the irregularly placed Fil-coupé appeals to both the eye and the fingertips while spreading an upbeat atmosphere in the room. Ivory, sand and grey as finely dosed colour alternatives revisit the fabric classic for a fresh new contemporary revival. A fabric that combines warmth and homeliness with a playful, modern appearance and easy-care washability.

  • Melino

    0 out of 5

    Wool, light. Melino combines the fluffy look and soft feel of a high percentage wool admixture with the unfussy and robust nature of synthetic fibres. Making this room-height drapery fabric an attractive, versatile allrounder for interiors. With a filigree, delicately roughened texture it underlines its natural appeal without losing any of its lightness. Melino is equally convincing both as a solo fabric and as a harmonious, drapery-fabric counterpart to the upholstery fabric Henry.

  • Medina

    0 out of 5

    A fine and noble in-between made of 50% linen (in the warp) and 50% wool (in the weft). Medina enthuses with a soft drape and the tender woolen touch. This sensual decoration fabric addresses to sophisticated enthusiasts of a natural ambience.

  • Savo

    0 out of 5

    Ebb and (colour) flow. Savo’s Ikat look is reminiscent of the traces the tide leaves on the beach as it goes out. The lighter part of the two-tone fabric represents the dry sand here, while the colour graduations appear as if intensified by water. A transition that corresponds to the material changeover from pale linen to coloured wool. The two deliberately clash in the middle of the 320 cm wide double-face fabric allowing decorators to individually decide on how high the ╩tide╦ in eight soft shades can rise.