A fine and noble in-between made of 50% linen (in the warp) and 50% wool (in the weft). Medina enthuses with a soft drape and the tender woolen touch. This sensual decoration fabric addresses to sophisticated enthusiasts of a natural ambience.


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50% linen 50% wool

Weight 110 g/qm


Width appr. 315 cm

Rapport –


Care z

Shrinkage appr. 2-4%


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Fabric can be fitted in either direction. Thread thickening and colour variations are not flaws, but natural fibre-related. They are part of the charm of natural fibres. Length variations of 2-4% are possible due to changes in temperature and humidity. The manufacture of the article complies with the specifications of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. To avoid creases after washing, we recommend delicate wash, wool cycle.

Inspiring products

  • Keno

    0 out of 5

    Like crashing waves. Stones washed by the sea serve as an inspiration for Keno’s abstract pattern. This warp printed woven with a bouclé yarn charmingly toys with the contrast between matt, white surface textures and a coloured, softly shiny background. The latter presents one of five subdued sand and sea colours in various intensities, as produced by the refraction of water. The yarn grain provides this double-faced furnishing fabric with its delicate look and feel reminiscent of fine sand, which looks particularly striking when backlit.

  • Fino

    0 out of 5

    Fino captivates customers with a wafer-thin woollen weave in four, finely mottled shades. Thanks to its double width this drapery fabric made of 100% pure new wool can be used for room height applications and really comes into its own as semi-transparent drapes. Fino is washable.

  • Lima

    0 out of 5

    Semi-transparent wool with a pleasant feel. The simplicity of Lima on one hand and its quality on the other hand speaks the language of understatement. Classical wool hues and the naturalness of the material creates a contrast to an engineered world.

  • Melino

    0 out of 5

    Wool, light. Melino combines the fluffy look and soft feel of a high percentage wool admixture with the unfussy and robust nature of synthetic fibres. Making this room-height drapery fabric an attractive, versatile allrounder for interiors. With a filigree, delicately roughened texture it underlines its natural appeal without losing any of its lightness. Melino is equally convincing both as a solo fabric and as a harmonious, drapery-fabric counterpart to the upholstery fabric Henry.