Being German – what exactly is that? nya nordiska partnered with aptm


A true design aficionado created a living gallery for contemporary German design in the hip Berlin district Wedding.

“Being German, what exactly is that?“, was the question the American Chris Glass asked himself when composing his exposition at the event apartment aptm in the trendy neighbourhood Wedding.

Sixteen years ago, the founder and curator of aptm came to Germany and now shows his visions of what it means to be German in his gallery. Besides his sense for design, the experiences he made as an immigrant in Germany have a significant impact on the new interior.

“When the new country you live in one day turns into

being your home, the seemingly fixed definition of a place starts to vanish. My new installation demonstrates what being German means to me – as someone, who feels at home in this country, but wasn’t born here”, Chris Glass says about his motivation behind the collection.

Thus, the result is typical German yet surprising in some aspects: clear lines and shapes in black and white colours match with cosy and welcoming materials like wool and wood. In combination with a few colourful accents in yellow and red, Chris Glass created an atmosphere that is perfect for small as well as big dinner parties, meetings and all types of events.

nya nordiska along with other traditional German brands provided the matching material for the implementation of the creative concept. For the dining and living area nya nordiska contributed tablecloths, made of the fabrics Kitchen Art, Isabella and Kappa 2.0, as well as cushions which were made from Julia, Moulin and Soul.

In the bedroom and entrance area of the apartment there are also Lou and Onno curtains, both fabrics designed by Sebastian Herkner.

The matching partly curved decoration systems Quattro are on top custom-made by nya nordiska.

The wall paint specialist Caparol Icons, furniture and design company Classicon, e15, Freifrau, New Tendency and Rolf Benz, technology and design export Loewe, porcelain manufactory Rosenthal and Swiss company USM Modular Furniture provided, among others, further furnishings and design items for the loft.

Products used

  • Kappa 2.0

    0 out of 5

    There is hardly any design which embodies so perfectly the roots of nya nordiska in the Scandinavian design language as the classical bicoloured stripe designs Jota, Kappa and Alpha 2.0. Even wider block stripes give the fabrics in their new edition a refreshing modernity (stripe width Jota 2.0 ca. 0,6 cm, Kappa 2.0 ca. 3,8 cm, Alpha 2.0 ca. 7,6 cm). Made of pure cotton, the washable and durable natural fibres can be used especially for upholstery, decoration and table sets – in a vivid interplay of colours, they can be combined with the check designs Jota-Check 2.0, Kappa-Check 2.0, Alpha-Check 2.0, the tri-colour stripes Delta, four-colour stripes Mega as well as plain fabric Zeta 2.0.

  • Soul

    0 out of 5

    From settees to lounge chairs, Soul “dresses” all of them in an attractive melange of elegant club-coloured pastels. The colour portfolio includes eleven tones ranging from soft powder tones to distinct black & white and cognac shades thereby offering both feminine and masculine options. They all have irregular surface textures in common – corresponding to the grainy bouclé touch. The high cotton admixture underlines the fresh, natural feel of this uncomplicated upholstery fabric.