Down to a fine art. Fara even spreads Mediterranean flair in northern hemisphere interiors with consummate ease. Its lively wave pattern looks as if immortalized on canvas in large brushstrokes, its colour scheme like a foray into coastal flora. Mimosa, sage and lavender, complemented by terracotta and stone grey, blossom as a warm palette from which one tone and all its shades then extends over a white background. The sophisticated spray-dye printing technology deployed here makes this casual linen-raffia blend suitable for double-face uses – also making an impact when teamed with fabrics like Macao, Karima and Cosmo.


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55% polyamid 45% linen

Weight 185 g/qm


Width appr. 140 cm

Rapport –


Care z

Shrinkage appr. 3%


Length variations of 2-4% are possible due to changes in temperature and humidity. Double-face.

Inspiring products

  • Cosmo

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    Fashion compass. Cosmo as a fibre blend popular on fashion catwalks now broadens its horizons branching out into interiors. Be it as a cushion, curtain or a hard-wearing upholstery fabric, Cosmo turns furniture into “it-pieces” as it does windows. A feeling of Mediterranean lifestyle is woven into its refined braided textures with a matt shine and soft touch. In 15 single colours, ranging from ivory and sand through aqua and maize to graphite and black, it attractively fuses with Nordic chic – as a solo or in a mix & match with Macao, Karima and Fara.

  • Karima

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    Karima has raffia yarn woven into its surface to thank for its ingenious weave structure. This yarn gives the drapery fabric a cool touch on the outer face. The large linen admixture in the warp makes for a particularly soft falling drape and an enveloping touch on the reverse. Karima comes in a colour scheme of 10 discreet natural tones. The fabric is washable.

  • Macao

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    Macao is a linen fabric of the present. A classical linen weave, the lightly crisp surface reveals something unusual. To create this decoration fabric, fine linen yarns were interwoven with a robust raffia laces made of polyamide. This gives Macao the appearance of a casual, natural fabric.