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Richard Behr & Co.

Beds for a lifetime

The company Richard Behr & Co., which is rich in tradition and located in the north of Germany,

has opened a new chapter by launching its first own collection of high-quality beds in 2020.

Four independent designs were developed in collaboration with the London

designer Bodo Sperlein – Hudson, Ella, Rondo and Volon.

York- Rondo
Tarek - Volon

The exclusive beds can be adapted to individual sleep needs and meet the highest

standards of contemporary design, sustainable materials and long-lasting workmanship.

The high-quality upholstery fabrics for the Rondo and Volon models

come from nya nordiska and give the beds their elegant and soft feel.


Model Rondo is adorned with the nya wool article York. This densely

and tightly woven upholstery fabric convinces with its pleasant surface

and good abrasion values. York is available in a choice

of 14 natural and trend colours.


The nya upholstery fabric Tarek, inspired by Scottish tweed, is used for

model Volon. The six nature-like colours with different intense

mélange effect and its woolen feel give a warm and homely touch

to every interior.



  • Tarek

    0 out of 5

    Inspired by Scottish Tweed, upholstery fabric Tarek gives every interior a warm, homely feel thanks to its refined colour blends and woollen feel. Its pleasantly soft touch combines with great abrasionresistance ensuring great durability. Available in 8 near-natural tones this upholstery fabric boasts intense mottling rounded off by a berry-coloured red and a deep blue.

  • York

    0 out of 5

    Premium wool, densely woven, with good abrasion values and a pleasant touch. York contains 80% virgin wool, in addition to which 15% is alpaca, the polyamide which is “blended in” via a special spinning technique contributes to its sturdiness.