A bourette silk.


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100% silk

Weight 220 g/qm


Width 135 cm

Rapport –


Care d

Shrinkage appr. 2-4%



Thread thickening and colour variations are not flaws, but natural fibre-related. They are part of the charm of natural fibres. This article is mainly handmade. Repeat and fabric pattern may vary. As protection from direct sunlight, lining of the fabric is recommended.

Inspiring products

  • Samoa

    0 out of 5

    A splendid silk, mechanically woven from coloured yarns.

  • Raja

    0 out of 5

    This hand-woven fabric made of 100% wild silk with its slightly irregular texture and raw feel is a clear expression of the hand-made style of the 2016 collection. The colour scheme ranges from near-natural non-colours to modern pastel tones. For every shade two different wild silks are combined in slightly varying colours. The resulting mottled effect underlines the lively feel of the natural fabric. Raja completes the portfolio of hand-woven bourette silks including Gomas and Shiva. Produced at traditional Indian weaving mills they contribute to the preservation of an ancient skilled craft.

  • Shiva

    0 out of 5

    Hand-woven monochrome silk with dry visual appearance and a rich choice of colours. Shiva has a pleasant touch and a noble silky gloss. This decoration fabric matches with a lot of different furnishing styles.

  • Osaka

    0 out of 5

    Very noble silk fabric with a fine irregular structure. Similar to a “Faux-Uni”, the blending of each two harmonizing colours create lovely broken hues. Osaka is an understated decoration fabric for the superior living world. When having been processed, the article shows tightness and opulence.