Vienna_Vibes_Bodo_Sperlein_picture credit photography Fabian Frinzel_6
Vienna_Vibes_Bodo_Sperlein_picture credit photography Fabian Frinzel_6
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Neue Werkstätten Munich

Vienna Vibes Event

The fascination of the designer Bodo Sperlein for Vienna, Viennese Modernism and the Wiener Werkstätte production

community, based around Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser, takes shape in a series of extraordinary new designs.

Sperlein presented his creations in the exhibition VIENNA VIBES, premiering on 12th March, uniting his

collaborations with well-known manufacturers for the first time in the Neue Werkstätten in Munich.

With a range of selected furniture, lighting, fabrics and accessories the Neue Werkstätten is one of the prime addresses

of the city. It is the passion for good design that united Marina Woschni and Johann Klopsch, the managing directors of

Neue Werkstätten, with Bodo Sperlein.

nya nordiska fabrics are unmistakable – just as Bodo Sperlein’s signature. For five exclusive new designs,

the designer was inspired by the roots of Viennese Modernism and created expressive, graphic jacquard patterns in

a finely threaded cotton quality. Their effect of in rooms, whether as a cover or curtain fabric, is unsurpassed.


Products used

  • Blast

    0 out of 5

    The elementary art of interiors. This expressive, large-format design care of Bodo Sperlein has its creative roots in Vorticism, a specifically English contribution to Modernism. Parallel to Cubism, this art form emerged in the early 20th century. Bodo Sperlein has now reinterpreted it for our millennium. As a generous jacquard pattern on a very fine thread cotton base, Blast’s Vorticist Cubist motif reveals its graphic effect in situ convincing us as a flambuoyant eyecatcher.

  • Blitz

    0 out of 5

    A flash of textile brilliance. In the same fabric quality as Blast, Bodo Sperlein’s Blitz also displays cubic forms strung together like collages to form an all-over pattern. The jagged shape of its blitz-like lightening radiates sheer energy looking almost like stylised graffiti. Its two colours in three soft colour combinations give the sizable jacquard made of fine-threaded cotton an optical presence without overemphasising the pattern.

  • Boja CS

    0 out of 5

    A filigree net-work. Bodo Sperlein also holds the creative threads in his hands in this print design that uses nya nordiska’s popular, semi-transparent, top-quality Soufflé CS Uni as its base. Here these threads are linked to form a modern, net-like structure extending, almost coral-like, over the light-as-a-feather base fabric. The natural feel of this wafer-thin drapery product made of Trevira CS makes it ideal for adorning even large window features on commercial premises. With its versatile and vital appearance this creates a natural atmosphere. In a choice of four colours.

  • Boom

    0 out of 5

    Woollen and sustainable. The Bodo Sperlein edition for nya nordiska is rounded off by Boom, an innovative upholstery fabric that can also serve as a heavy drapery. The print design on recycled wool combines the look and feel of its natural material with a sense of sustainability. Combined with a synthetic fibre component, this drapery and upholstery fabric boasts exceptional durability. Its graphic design corresponds to that of Blitz and can be made up without pattern repeats.