Autumn Novelties 2020

nya nordiska Classics in New Shine

There is simply no escaping their charisma. Our popular solid taffeta

quality Plana and the matching striped versions of the same material are

among the uncontested favourites in the nya nordiska collection. For universal

applications, easy to make up and versatile to combine, they have been

adding softly shimmering highlights to interiors for years.



To mark Plana’s 25th anniversary we are now placing this modern classic

in the creative focus to chart it and its striped colleagues for success over the

coming years. The result are three exclusive taffeta fabrics that bring out

the best of product quality and design:




Plana, Minas and Bonto conserve the touch, fabric width and

product properties of their known predecessors and combine it with

a fresh, contemporary look. This look captivates us in a topical interior

colour scheme and with a finely dosed reduction of surface lustre as a

plain but also as a fabric with two up-to-date stripe widths.



Plana in 25 single tones ranging from non colours to powder pastel

shades, Minas with elegant, 1-inch stripes and Bonto making a striking

block-stripe appearance. Be it as sheers, roller blinds, panel curtains,

cushions, bead spreads or decoration, be it plain or in a colour-coordinated

mix & match, the nya nordiska newcomers for autumn 2020 are inspiring

across the board.



  • Plana

    0 out of 5

    Taffeta with team spirit. With its 330 cm fabric width the yarn dyed plain fabric made of 100% polyester opens up unlimited decoration opportunities in every aspect. 25 colours in softly broken nuances and the silk-type look with its dry taffeta gloss lend wings to imagination and harmonise perfectly with current living room materials. Easy-care, easy to make up and with a soft drape Plana is an indispensable basic – be it single-coloured, in a combination of various plain tones or in a finely tuned interplay with the stripes of Minas and Bonto.

  • Minas

    0 out of 5

    Sleek trend scout. This stripe sets contemporary standards. Sporting two centimetres wide coloured lines alternating with white or as trendy colour combinations Minas stages its graphic clarity in a modern way. Like Uni Plana it is washable, easy-care and floor-to-ceiling and therefore suitable for versatile making up for textile furnishings. In 18 colour combinations Minas sets fresh accents, on demand also in a finely tuned combination with Plana.

  • Bonto

    0 out of 5

    Decorative blockbuster. Boasting an 11-centimetre grid and a whole new colour scale Bonto updates the segment of wide stripes with a refreshing block stripe thereby exuding an air of homely weightlessness. In a fresh look the classic pattern becomes the new eye-catcher be it as sheers, panel curtain, bed spread or in other creative applications. Its ?repertoire? ranges from modern to elegant, from maritime to opulent – depending on which colour combinations, which are all compatible with Uni Plana, you opt for.