Right to the point. For this modern twist on the classic Plumetis jacquard dots “dance” out of step with consummate ease. The fancy yarn this Fil-coupé is woven from “blows up” its clipped threads in a pompon style – anew after each washing. This provides the pattern on the transparent base fabric with both visually and haptically appealing three-dimensionality. In three soft non-colours Pinati gets right to the decorative point for modern window design in a featherweight way.


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100% polyester

Weight 40 g/qm


Width appr. 325 cm

Rapport appr. 20 x appr.12 cm


Care b

Shrinkage appr. 1-3%



Fabric can be fitted in either direction. The manufacture of the article complies with the specifications of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Iron only reverse side.

Inspirierende Produkte

  • Alba CS

    0 out of 5

    The collection is complemented by the low-key transparent fabric Alba CS. In reduction, Alba CS appears like a silk organza and plays in six near-nature plain choices of colour with a softly shining lustre. In a width of 325 cm, Alba CS is railroaded and thus unfolds its caressing character in the contract and private area.

  • Boja CS

    0 out of 5

    A filigree net-work. Bodo Sperlein also holds the creative threads in his hands in this print design that uses nya nordiska’s popular, semi-transparent, top-quality Soufflé CS Uni as its base. Here these threads are linked to form a modern, net-like structure extending, almost coral-like, over the light-as-a-feather base fabric. The natural feel of this wafer-thin drapery product made of Trevira CS makes it ideal for adorning even large window features on commercial premises. With its versatile and vital appearance this creates a natural atmosphere. In a choice of four colours.

  • Alpha 2.0

    0 out of 5
  • Alva FR

    0 out of 5

    Woven air. This is as sheer as it gets in textile window drapes. The single-coloured gauze Alva FR fuses feather-weight transparency with ingeniously iridescent colour schemes. Different colour combinations in warp and weft shimmer in a plethora of nuances when hit by light while a carefully selected scale of non-colours and discreet pastel shades make for modern elegance. This double-width fabric with an organza feel combines a visual “breath of nothing” with a pleasantly dimmed incidence of light in residential and contract interiors.