Cartier _ nya in use - Viavai
Cartier _ nya in use - Viavai
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Cartier Suzhou

Textile glass walls

The French jewelery and watch brand Cartier has always been associated with majestic elegance and outstanding quality. For the new store concept in Suzhou in the People’s Republic of China, the task was to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity and to provide innovative solutions for more privacy in the store.

The nya nordiska fabric Fukaso in a special production was used behind glass for modern privacy screens and room dividers. The delicate ivory harmonizes impressively here with the earth and non-color shades of the interior. The irregular wave structure of the textile absorbs the light in a remarkable way and gives it off to its surroundings. Calm and serenity testify to simple elegance and allow discreet consultation in a pleasant atmosphere.

Ivory & White