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Textiles, architecture and the human being in dialogue

“We make it home. Make it the office. Make it the hideaway. Make it your base. Make it your anchor. Make it yours. Make it part of you.”

Founded in 1964, the textile editeur nya nordiska celebrates its 55th anniversary this year. It is focused on the task that is at the same time its most obvious core competency: using extraordinary fabrics to give spaces character and creating an ambience of all-round comfort for the people who inhabit them. Brand Story by Barbara Jahn-Rösel

Creating a foundation

Textiles are much more than just interwoven threads. They are an essential component of interior architecture and design. And they are often the secret soul of a space – regardless of whether one lives or works there. The new range of home and contract textiles from nya nordiska offers architects, planners and interior designers an optimal starting point for their projects. These outstanding textiles are available in a great diversity of design options and fulfil the highest functional demands as well.

nya nordiska at its best. Timeless pinstripe design on 100% pure new wool – Fino Pin.

Suko CS as space-shaping element in Café Thonet, IMM Cologne 2019. Convincing, fine Trevira CS quality in a linen look.

Natural materials and soft colours testify to timeless beauty – Lima in 02 cashmere and Macao in 64 flax.

Becoming a apart of it

The fresh and minimalist, the modern and innovative, the Scandinavian – all of this is contained in the fibres of nya nordiska textiles. The company feels strongly tied to its origins and tradition, but develops its ever-contemporary collections with an eye to the future. And, in the truest sense, it knows how to perfectly connect what is essential. 

The designs grow out of ideas inspired by the worlds of art and culture, of architecture and fashion – but without ever losing the characteristic Nordic thread. The fabrics are sometimes more opulent, sometimes just a wisp. Selected with great sensitivity, the colours, the fibres and the fall of the folds render a picture in harmony with its surroundings. Architecture, with its hard corners and edges, is given a gentler touch by the custom-made textiles. At the same time, architectural spaces profit from such positive characteristics as considerably improved acoustics and the regulation of light incidence and warmth. Add to all this the incomparable vitality of the transparent and semi-transparent fabrics of the architects’ collection from nya nordiska, which with their interplay of light and shadow conjure in the space a feeling of the lightness of the Scandinavian attitude towards life.

An homage to stripes! In this year’s collection, the successful B1 series around Soufflé CS Uni from nya nordiska is expanded with three modern striped designs.

Anchor points

The fabrics from nya nordiska lend certain spatial situations a special face by flirting with trends – for example the sober Bauhaus style or the tendency towards compact, minimalistic forms of dwelling – without putting themselves in the foreground. A particular emphasis is given to developing a distinctive aesthetic language. This may find expression in a surface texture, as in Elsa CS, the delicate structure of which recalls fine brushstrokes on canvas. This is just one of many examples that also represent the fabrics’ proximity to nature. The best qualities for living spaces come from textiles made from the natural products wool (e.g. Lima), cotton (e.g. Cord 2.0) and linen (e.g. Alabama). 

In the area of contract textiles as well, the company remains true to itself and successfully bridges aesthetic ambitions with the demands of protecting against fire and keeping light out – from the decorative fabric Twist CS and the in-between series around Soufflé CS, right through to Astoria FR. Even fabrics that have to meet higher technical performance requirements have a natural appearance, such as Milan CS with its captivating linen look. 

The focus lies in the dialogue between textiles, architecture and the human being, which form a harmonious unit and optimally complement each other. The fabric in this synergy becomes the elegant connecting link between the architecture and the human being.

Darkening velour Oscuro FR and Soufflé CS Uni decisively alter a room’s atmosphere.


Right: Calma CS – feather-light transparency with sound-absorption

Left: The masculine net fabric Twist CS is the perfect textile component for the industrial look – at home and in the office.

Living design

The company’s head office in Dannenberg are further confirmation that nya nordiska has always thought in architectural dimensions. On this site, which has evolved over 300 years, Staab Architekten expanded the facilities with a new building. Its combination of shed roofs and a reddish anodised metal facade is itself a design success and also seamlessly ties in with its surroundings. 

Thinking in terms of contextual relationships and making and implementing the right choices in any given situation are doubtless strengths of nya nordiska. Beyond the awards the new building has been singled out for by the Association of German Architects – the BDA architekturpreis Nike 2013 and the BDA Preis Niedersachsen 2012 – the company is proud of its more than 330 international honours and prizes, which arguably testify to one thing above all: the innovative strength and design language embodied in nya nordiska’s products. 

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Products used

  • Calma CS

    0 out of 5

    Calma CS combines feather-light transparency with sound-absorption in accordance with UNI EN ISO 11654. The visual permeability belies the drapery fabric’s great functionality: thanks to the ingenious weave design of its continuous ribbon yarn Calma CS achieves an Alpha value of 0.6 thereby boasting 60% absorption of sound waves. This made-up drapery featuring nya nordiska’s wave band, a 6 cm glider distance and a 250% fabric allowance guarantees optimum room acoustics. At the same time, the fabric is flame-retardant in accordance with DIN 4102-B1 making it ideal for use in the public premises segment. The four colour shades ivory, champagne, silver and anthracite are enhanced with a slight shimmering effect.

  • Elsa CS

    0 out of 5

    The surface structure of Elsa CS resembles brush strokes on canvas. A semi-transparent, 320 centimetres wide fabric with varying density, fantastic for spacious living areas or as a room divider for retail projects. Its processed Trevira CS yarns are permanently flame retardant, washable and highly lightfast.

  • Fino Pin

    0 out of 5

    Our popular uni classic Fino gets some company: Fino Pin combines the casual, semi-transparent pure new wool?s excellent characteristics with a new pinstripe design. Similar to its big brother, Fino Pin is available in double width and the colours wool white and three noble shades of grey. Another advantage: due to humidity regulating properties, wool can improve interior climates. Furthermore, wool is a renewable, biodegradable resource with isolating effects.

  • Lima

    0 out of 5

    Semi-transparent wool with a pleasant feel. The simplicity of Lima on one hand and its quality on the other hand speaks the language of understatement. Classical wool hues and the naturalness of the material creates a contrast to an engineered world.

  • Rubino 2.0

    0 out of 5

    Rubino 2.0 – the name says it all – as red tones like burgundy, ruby or fire are now gaining importance again in interior design. Complemented by fresh nuances from the blue-green scale, discreet natural tones and elegant non-colours this 140 cm wide drapery and upholstery fabric can be used universally. Its combination of soft, velvety feel and everyday durability qualifies it for numerous design situations: solo, in an exciting mix & match with patterned fabrics from the collection or in a velvety interplay with Cord 2.0.

  • Soufflé CS Pin

    0 out of 5

    nya loves stripes! New design for Soufflé CS Uni: whether Soufflé CS Pin with modern pin stripes, classic medium stripes as in Soufflé CS Medium or Soufflé CS Block with block stripes, the stripe family provides every interior with timeless elegance. As drapery or combined with each other, the fabrics offer an exciting interplay of transparency and opacity. Each available in six colours.

  • Soufflé CS Uni

    0 out of 5

    Soufflé CS Uni is an extremely fine floating polyester Trevira CS crêpe. Due to its easy-care and technical properties, it is perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications. The interesting semi-transparency of the fabric makes Soufflé CS Uni ideal for both, individual decorations or as lining fabric for, among others, pure silk. Two new colours extent the range.

  • Suko CS

    0 out of 5

    Semi-transparent decoration fabric with a fine linen look made of 100% Trevira CS. Its dry feel and natural colours give this product, which is suitable for contract use, a convincing, natural character. Suko CS is double width and may also be displayed railroaded with softly floating drape.

  • Twist CS

    0 out of 5

    A masculine net fabric for the perfect industrial look at home or in the office. Leno is a very light and net-like yet highly slip-resistant fabric. Made of flame-retardant material, Twist CS is perfect for projects which require B1 classification. Available in seven urban colour shades.

  • Vintage 2.0

    0 out of 5

    For all linen enthusiasts: Vintage revival! Modern aqua and jade tones, tinted rosé and strong berry and spice colours extent the range of our popular top seller to 22 excellently combinable colours. Thanks to its special finish, the double-width Vintage 2.0 has a pleasant grip and unique used look.