Our timeless rail and hanging systems allow tailor-made housing solutions thanks to their high versatility. Whether generously decorated in a wave curtain or minimalist decorated with a panel drapery, whether mounted on the wall or just under the ceiling, angularly shaped at right angles or seamlessly shaped as a curve for modern corner solutions, living concepts have no limits.

The nya artline collection complements the textile product range with rail and hanging systems as well as accessories and impresses with quality, functionality and design alike. The aesthetic simplicity of the products stages curtains and drapes with simple elegance without taking any space, shaping an individual character.

Rail and hanging systems



Scala is an innovative modular rail system that enables multifunctional use for classic decorations, panel curtains or as picture rails. Different brackets allow a surrounding wall or ceiling mounting. The S-shaped gliders, panel tracks and picture hooks can be placed and removed at any point of the rail. The inner run remains completely invisible.

Scala is available in five variants and convinces with a smooth front.

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This model has often been copied but remains unrivalled. The revolutionary technique by artline of stretching a filigree stainless steel rod with 8 mm diameters established a new generation of curtain poles. Lengths of up to 5 metres can be stretched without any joists. With its minimalist appearance, the Spannstange perfectly matches different ambiences. Preferred preconditions for appliance are firm brickwork, solid wood or metal.



A multifunctional rail which can be used for decorations, panel tracks and as picture rail. Quattro is manufactured as a square profile. With the multiple brackets, both wall distance and the track distances to each other may be adjusted individually.

This rail is available in four metal colours (stainless steel, silver, palladium and chrome) as well as in white.

Quattro is available as:

  • Quattro Solo
  • Quattro Mezzo
  • Quattro Mini





A collection of innovative complements. Highest demands on material, processing and functionality paired with absolutely reduced forms create modern retro objects and suspensions that follow the creative spirit of their designers. Magnets, clips or clamping elements – the technique is refreshingly uncomplicated and encouraged by simple handling to ever new design ideas.

Wave band



The wave band complements the successful curtain rail systems Quattro and Scala from the nya artline collection by a decorative element, which stages curtains and decorative scarfs in a regular drape. The band is attached flush on the upper edge of the curtain so that there is no curling when hanging the curtain and the full depth of the waves is reflected of the entire surface.

Individually selectable distances between 6 and 8 cm in combination with markings for 175%, 200% and 250% fabric addition allow for decoration in line with the repeat, which thanks to this successful symbiosis of textile and technology makes the design fully unfold its effect.


Clip XL and Loop


The innovative Clip collection allows casual window decorations. Due to its magnet technique it can be easily fixed and removed by hand at any time. Highest standards of material, processing and functionality are combines with an extremely reduced form. Thus it creates modern tie-back elements and hanging systems following the creative spirit of its designer.

Clip XL and Loop are available in colour stainless steel and black as well as stainless steel and ivory.



No need for ready-made! The collection Simply consists of different clips allowing easy and attractive solutions for the stating of modern decorations. Masterly refined spring steel fibre fixes the fabrics in an exhilarant and uncomplicated manner. Due to its easy handling, Simply encourages new design ideas over and over again.

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