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    320 cm幅の薄手で半透明のリネン織物。Alabamaはナチュラルな雰囲気を醸し出しま すが、決して無骨な印象は与えません。洗濯後も持続するソフトフィニッシュが、コ ーディネートしやすいこの生地に、心地よい手触りをもたらします。Alabamaは軽い 装飾に理想的で、 パネル、テーブルクロス、ナプキンにも適しています。縮みは2% と軽度です。 more

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    The young tri-colour stripe fabric Alabama Stripe made of pure linen impresses through its wonderfully caressing touch. more

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    Alba CS

    The collection is complemented by the low-key transparent fabric Alba CS. more

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    Aliciaアリシアは異色の装飾生地です。網状でも格子状でもなく、まるで魔法で取り出された ような超軽量の織物です。正方形状に配置されたように見える、並行の、重なり合う円 形が基本格子として認識されます。光が当たると、目の粗い部分が得も言われぬ陰影を 生み出します。モダンで現代的なデザインを実現するため、この生地は伝統的な「ギュ ピールレース」製法で製作されました。 more

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    Like the interplay of light and shade when driving along a tree-lined avenue here transparent and opaque, hand-painted stripes alternate in this elegant burnt-out fabric. more

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    Alpha 2.0

    There is hardly any design which embodies so perfectly the roots of Nya Nordiska in the Scandinavian design language as the classical bicoloured stripe designs Jota, Kappa and Alpha 2.0. more

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    Alpha-Check 2.0

    In addition to stripe designs Jota, Kappa and Alpha 2.0, Nya Nordiska has developed a check variant of the fabrics, each one adjusted to the individual stripe widths: In colour range and yarn quali more

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    Amalia captivates customers with a feminine, floral pattern: filigree blossoms of hydrangea, coneflower and columbine look hand drawn. more

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    With wafer-thin lightness this new, semi-transparent drapery fabric makes for delicate, textile window design in a 340 cm width. more

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    The textile key to enchanted gardens. This opulent furnishing fabric spreads shiny foliage motifs with an almost photorealistic feel onto its diffuse background. more

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    最高級のシルクと絶妙な配色の多彩な高級ウール糸が、密でわずかに凹凸のある単色 調の布地を織りなしています。AssamはLuxury Lifeのシリーズに属する生地で、15種 類の洗練された色合いが提供されています。 more

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    Astoria FR

    About 99% of the incidence of light is absorbed by this high-quality dimmer, which is more than a standard black-out fabric. Astoria FR can be used on both sides. more

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    A modern adaptation of a completely different kind is Ava: the delicate, semi-transparent circular-knit cotton fabric translates classic lace into a graphic pattern of clear-cut geometry. more

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    Avantiは一色のポリエステル糸のみで織られた幅広の布地です。パラシュートシルク を思わせる装飾・椅子張り生地は26色で提供されています。 more

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    Avanti CS

    Avanti CS made of 100% Trevira CS features five colour shades from the reworked Avanti palette in flame-retardant fabrics. more

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    Avanti CS Shower

    With its water-repellent finish Avanti CS is a response to the many requests fromthe market to use Avanti as a shower curtain. more

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    Decoration fabric made of linen with a subtle Venetian blind effect. An optical transparency of Banderilla is created by stripes of floating warp threads. more

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    Batumi Uni CS

    Transparent, plain Trevira CS fleece as a supplement to Batumi CS in matching base colours. Can also be used individually. more

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    Belano FR

    A much promising in-between in a choice of white and natural tints and also the fashionable colour aubergine. more

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    Bella Vista CS

    繊細で優雅なドレープの見事な二重織。高品質のTrevira CS製で、施設空間のハイラ イト的存在になりますが、個人住宅に使用しても大変効果的です。 more