Generationenwechsel in der Geschäftsführung von Nya Nordiska

Newsletter 01 | 2013

Dear trade partners

Nya Nordiska starts the new year with a generation change.

After 40 years Diete Hansl-Röntgen hands over the management to her children.
Sybilla Hansl, Marcus Hansl and Remo Röntgen have got involved with the company
since 20 years now. Thus well-established leadership structures are persisting.

After the building extension of the headquarters in Dannenberg, which had
been decided in 2008, had been completed successfully in co-operation with
Staab Architects, Diete Hansl-Röntgen believes the right moment has come to
hand over the management. The building, which has recently been awarded
with the Lower Saxon State Award for Architecture, has created space for the further
development of the textile company in Lower Saxon Wendland region, the home of
the Hansl-Röntgen family and of Nya Nordiska. more...

You are welcome to come around and see for yourselves.

We wish you all the best for 2013!