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    A very trendy furniture dressing with a patchwork look! The broad disposed design of floral and graphical areas (ca. more

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    Beautiful fabric with the look and feel of satin. Aida is made of 100% polyester and has a pleasant touch, a soft drape and a noble shine. more

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    A semi-transparent fabric with a woollen weft. The fleece-like structure of this fabric results from a special treatment. more

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    Airy, semi-transparent linen weave in a width of 320 cm. Alabama has a natural appearance but does not seem rustic at all. more

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    The young tri-colour stripe fabric Alabama Stripe made of pure linen impresses through its wonderfully caressing touch. more

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    An interesting upholstery fabric produced in epinglé technique. Colours such as warm yellow, bouncing red and subtle nature tones are available. Alameda is very sturdy and has a pleasant touch. more

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    Alba CS

    The collection is complemented by the low-key transparent fabric Alba CS. more

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    Alicante is produced in epinglé technique and therefore ranges among the most durable and long-lasting upholstery fabrics. more

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    Alicia is an extraordinary decoration fabric. A super light thread work fixed as if by magic. Parallel and overlapping o-shapes build the basic grid, but seem to be quadratically arranged. more

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    A very up-to-date travers-stripe with a delicate linen appearance. more

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    Like the interplay of light and shade when driving along a tree-lined avenue here transparent and opaque, hand-painted stripes alternate in this elegant burnt-out fabric. more

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    Modern and elegant decoration fabric with stylized tone-in-tone baroque ornaments. The pattern is created by the alteration of different weaves in Jacquard technique. more

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    Alpha 2.0

    There is hardly any design which embodies so perfectly the roots of Nya Nordiska in the Scandinavian design language as the classical bicoloured stripe designs Jota, Kappa and Alpha 2.0. more

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    Alpha-Check 2.0

    In addition to stripe designs Jota, Kappa and Alpha 2.0, Nya Nordiska has developed a check variant of the fabrics, each one adjusted to the individual stripe widths: In colour range and yarn quali more

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    Amalia captivates customers with a feminine, floral pattern: filigree blossoms of hydrangea, coneflower and columbine look hand drawn. more

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    A fabric with horizontal stripes conveying a nearly puristic impression. The stripes are made of a voluminous irregular fancy yarn. Amarant is especially suitable for panel tracks. more

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    With wafer-thin lightness this new, semi-transparent drapery fabric makes for delicate, textile window design in a 340 cm width. more

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    Andorra is a noble semi-transparent fabric with an interesting combination of silk, polyester and polyacrylics. more

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    A gorgeous decoration fabric made of pure silk and lustrous Lamé-yarns. The interplay with the light gives marvellous depth to the reduced tendril pattern. more