Newsletter 22

Dear trade partners

On 03 September 2010, we celebrated the completion of the extension to our premises in Dannenberg. A steadily growing fabric collection, the strengthening of our export business and, above all, the addition of Nya Artline to extend our product range had created the need for more office and factory space. The design by renowned architect, Volker Staab, has fused the old and the new into one building complex, which not only fulfils, in every respect, all the functional requirements for optimum operation of the business, it also brilliantly mirrors a creative principle of Nya Nordiska: to forge a relationship between tradition and the present.

Volker Staab has succeeded in creating façades and perspectives, spaces and vistas, which provide constant delight. The quality of the design communicates what we also aspire to within the walls: aesthetically complete design and perfect craftsmanship.

With our extension, we are sending out a signal. Even in the global crisis, whose first impact hit us during the building phase, we have confidence in the capabilities of our staff and our company. With our three core competences - creation, service and manufacture, we will maintain our position in the market and build upon it. As founder Heinz Röntgen said in 1997, on the occasion of the opening of the first Nya Nordiska extension: "Great things cannot be achieved without courage and determination."

Your Nya Nordiska

Staab Architekten design Nya Nordiska extension

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