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1964 Heinz Roentgen founds Nya Nordiska in Duesseldorf.
1974 Diete Hansl joins the company. With her extensive experience
of sales and purchasing of textiles, she assists her
husband-to-be Heinz Roentgen in the running and expansion
of the company.
1976 Nya Nordiska moves from Duesseldorf to Dannenberg.
1979 Acquisition and renovation of a 150 year old half-timbered
furniture factory.
1996 Modern extension of the company premises, providing
a floor area of 6,500 square metres.
1985 - 2001 Foundation of subsidiary companies and showrooms
in Paris, London, Como and Tokyo.
2003 Following the death of Heinz Roentgen, his wife
Diete Hansl-Roentgen takes over the running of the company.
Together with her four children Marcus Hansl, Remo Roentgen,
Sybilla Hansl and Bernhard Hansl, she perpetuates the philosophy
of Heinz Roentgen.
2004 The qualified designer Alice Pieper joins the company
to take charge of product development.
2008 Nya Nordiska Textiles GmbH takes over Artline Wohndecor GmbH,
Kerpen, Germany, within a succession plan and thus enlarges its
product range by decoration systems.
2008 - 2010 Again, the company expands its head office.